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Whey Protein Concentrate Vanilla

Whey Protein Concentrate Vanilla

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Empower Your Performance with Alke Whey Protein Concentrate – Your Essential Source of Premium Nutrition!

Experience the power of Alke Whey Protein Concentrate, meticulously crafted to fuel your body with high-quality nutrients for optimal performance. Packed with essential amino acids and boasting a rapid absorption rate, our whey protein concentrate delivers fast-acting protein to support your fitness goals.

Benefits of Alke Whey Protein Concentrate:

  • Rapid Absorption: Absorbs rapidly to replenish muscles quickly.
  • High Biological Value: Offers an extremely high biological value for efficient muscle repair and recovery.
  • Amino Acid Charged: Loaded with essential and non-essential amino acids for muscle growth and repair.
  • Mineral Blend Inclusion: Fortified with a blend of essential minerals for overall wellness.
  • High Protein Content: Contains 80% protein for maximum muscle support.
  • Low in Fats and Carbs: Helps maintain a lean physique with minimal fats and carbs.
  • Muscle Recovery: Aids in muscle recovery to reduce post-workout fatigue.
  • Great Mixability and Taste: Mixes easily and tastes delicious for a satisfying experience.
  • Low Calorie: With only 164 calories when mixed with water, it fuels muscles while limiting calorie intake.

Who Should Use Alke Whey Protein: Our whey protein concentrate is ideal for anyone seeking premium nutrition to fuel their body. Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or health-conscious individual, Alke Whey Protein Concentrate is the perfect choice to support your active lifestyle.

High Biological Value: Alke Whey Protein Concentrate boasts an exceptional biological value, ensuring that your body effectively utilizes every gram of protein consumed. With a rich amino acid profile, our protein enhances muscle repair and growth for superior performance.

Amino Charge (Per Serve):

  • BCAAs: 8,800mg
  • L-Glutamine: 6,800mg
  • EAAs: 22,000mg

The End of Gums & Fillers: At Alke, we're committed to delivering pure, natural protein without the unnecessary fillers and gums found in many other supplements. Our whey protein concentrate is sourced from grass-fed cows and undergoes a rigorous cold filtrated cross-flow ultra-filtration process to ensure maximum purity and quality.

Quality Suppliers: We partner with the world's leading whey manufacturers, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. Each batch of raw whey protein is meticulously tested and comes with a certificate of analysis to guarantee protein content and purity.

Elevate your nutrition and unleash your potential with Alke Whey Protein Concentrate – Where Premium Quality Meets Peak Performance!

Alke: Igniting Strength, Empowering Victory!

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